Super Talented 10 year discovered at Street Athletics Final

A new Sprinting talent emerged from the 2015 Street Athletics Manchester and National Final in the form of 10 year old,

Trezeguet Taylor.  Trezeguet qualified for the Manchester Final on Friday evening (25th September) in the U11 age group and

although that age group doesn’t exist in the National Final, Linford insisted that she be invited back to compete the following day.


The Manchester North Athlete put metres on Athletes several years older than herself, some of whom had travelled as far away as

Swindon and Battersea.  The young Athlete, who devotes must of her time to Gymnastics as opposed to Sprinting, is registered to

Compete for Trafford Athletics Club, but admits she rarely trains!  The Fallowfield Athlete beat an impressive field of talented youngsters to reach the U13 Final

finishing in 3rd place.  Demonstrating a great attitude for such a young Athlete, Trezeguet said “Even if you don’t win, you definitely have fun at Street Athletics”.

The youngster also picked up a special prize from Linford for the “Most Impressive Performance of the Day”,  picking up a Skull Candy Sports Presentation Pack.